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Puzzles & Passports (Big Fish)

Unusually, this new travel puzzler from Big Fish in now soft launched in 10 big western markets including the US, Canada, UK, Germany and the Nordics, according to Appmagic. It’s Android only for now.

Loop Hero (Playdigious)

Developer Four Quarters and publisher Devolver had a cult hit a while back with this on PC and console. It’s now coming to iOS and Android through Playdigious on April 30. Pre-orders are open now on iOS and Android.

NBA Infinite (Level Infinite)

This is coming out next week, February 17, and is in pre-order on iOS and Android. It’s been developed by Tencent studio and PUBG Mobile maker Lightspeed, and is being releases through Tencent label Level Infinite.

Potion Permit (Playdigious)

Another deep cut from cult game label Playdigious, this Stardew Valley / Animal Crossing-like game has the added twist of casting you as a potion-brewing doctor of sorts. It’s out now on iOS and Android.

Kingdom: The Blood (YJM Games)

As spotted by TouchArcade, this is an action RPG based on the Netflix show Kingdom, but is apparently not being released through Netflix itself.

Galaxy Mix (Seele Games)

This Suika-inspired watermelon game has the honour of being the first and likely game geatured in this column to be playable on Apple Watch. It’s out now on iOS and, yes, WatchOS.

Game Room (Resolution Games)

This new Apple Arcade game is also playable on Vision Pro. It’s a fairly typical collection of classic games like chess, solitaire and battleships on iOS, but on Vision Pro you can play with the game board superimposed in front of you, AR-style.

Blackbox (Shapes and Stories)

This is arguably the most interesting Vision Pro launch game – an AR spin on Blackbox, the cult creative puzzler that’s been an Apple favourite for years. Much more interesting that doing spreadsheets in AR, in our humble opinion.

Wytchwood (Whitethorn Digital)

This is a premium crafting adventure game that’s seen some success on PC and console and has now come to iOS and Android. It’s out now for $4.99.

Apple Arcade’s March line-up

There are three new games coming to Apple Arcade, all on March 7, unusually: Crayola Adventures is developed by Red Games and is described as an open-ended storytelling adventure.

There’s also two premium titles re-purposed from the ‘normal’ App Store: Ninja Kiwi’s Bloons TD Battles 2+ and Midjiwan’s The Battle of Polytopia+, a strategy title that also happens to be Elon Musk’s favourite game.

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