Creatures in Helldivers.

The PlayStation exclusive Helldivers 2 has caught the attention of many players for various reasons. The hype has resulted in a tsunami of purchases, putting Helldivers 2 in a good position.

On Steam, it reached the top of the charts and then floated around the second or third place on Thursday morning just before launch. This indicates the game has found some popularity, and people are curious about what Arrowhead has been cooking up.

Unlike its predecessor, it is not a top-down one. We got our first glimpse of it during the State of Play in 2023. It appeared to compete with franchises like Counterstrike and Helldivers 2.

If you're new to the series (like myself), there is a trailer that explains the story so far. There is also free content in the pipes to keep the online element consistently alluring.

One of the best parts of Helldivers 2 is that it has cross-platform functionality, meaning that if you purchase the game on Steam, you can still play it on PS5 for free. It's also possible for friends on PC and PS5 to play together.

Destructoid will cover Helldivers 2 to ascertain whether it is the online third-person shooter Sony desperately needs or a sign that the genre has outgrown itself.

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