Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 6

Larian Studios is teasing some of the enhancements coming to GOTY Baldur's Gate 3 upcoming Patch 6. According to Larian, improvements have been made to smooching in the cRPG, as can be seen in the brief video clip they provided. In this teaser, Halsin follows up a passionate kiss with a peck on the forehead, which does not exist in the current build.

Further enhancements include new camp idle animations, new Legendary Actions in Honour Mode, and a trove of bug fixes. Larian states Patch 6 is a hefty one, so it will be providing full patch notes on the BG3 website at a later date.

No release timeframe was given for the update, but with Valentine's Day right around the corner, I'd have to imagine a kissing-centric patch may try to coincide with that timeframe.

Patch 6 marks the sixth big addition to Baldur's Gate 3 that Larian has developed since the cRPG released in August. Each one has added something new while also implementing a ton of bug fixes between the patch and hotfix releases. On our end, we've been tracking Larian's patch cadence with a BG3 update history and schedule.

I don't know about you but it may be time to finally start that next BG3 playthrough. I've been wanting to try a Dark Urge run, but I'm not too sure that fits the theme of the romantic improvements. Or does it?

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