Activision Blizzard has said it is hoping to “revitalise”  Overwatch 2 with its newest update.

Overwatch 2’s season nine launches tomorrow (February 13) and in an expansive blog, Activision Blizzard have detailed a number of changes that are designed to “revitalise the Overwatch 2 experience”.

According to developers, the driving force behind this next batch of updates was to “make PvP gameplay more rewarding and fun and provide greater transparency for players in-game”.

Season 9: Champions will introduce a new ranking system that’s “more accurate” but will also explain “the mathematical complexity of a modern matchmaker and bring clear insights about what impacts your rank in every match”.

Overwatch 2 will also be resetting everyone’s competitive skill rank. Ten placement matches are set to give players “a high-stakes opportunity to make big gains in determining your new starting rank,” said Activision Blizzard. “You’ll only have one chance this year to run your placement matches, so pick your best heroes and stay hydrated because these games count for a lot.”

There is also the new jade weapon collection up for grabs, alongside the elusive new skill rank champion. “This is the most prestigious tier above grandmaster, intended to show who is the best among the most skilled players in the game”.

Wider gameplay adjustments will also be introduced, with developers hoping to make weapon firing feel more satisfying and increasing accuracy across the board. To counteract that, maximum health will also be increased.

Earlier this year, Overwatch 2 developers were forced to apologise after showcasing the new self-healing feature without the context of the rest of the season 9 planned updates.

Last August, Overwatch 2 became the worst reviewed game on Steam, with players criticising the focus on monetisation and the demise of the original Overwatch.

In other news, Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds, a documentary about the creation of Death Stranding, now has an official date for its release on Disney+.

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