Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League hopefully surprises fans

Rocksteady's Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League launches February 2, but players with the Deluxe Edition received a 72-hour early access period with their purchase. Unfortunately, that didn't pan out so well, as a bug marked the Kill The Justice League story as completed upon logging in.

While I'd claim a spot in the speedrun hall of fame over this, it's not great for the people who paid extra for the Deluxe Edition. Almost an hour into its launch, Rocksteady sent game servers offline for maintenance to resolve the issue. The good news is that, four hours later, Rocksteady seems to have identified the error.

Rocksteady says it is actively working on resolving the issue. Even though the situation may be resolved soon, many have complained about how the game should have focused on supporting an offline mode that worked like its past Arkham series. Rocksteady's live service has left plenty of players reminiscing for those times, as responses on Twitter range from frustrations over the studio's model for Suicide Squad to comparisons with those more fondly remembered games.

Burning down the house

The road here wasn't exactly a surprise. Other outlets, like IGN, have been unable to go hands-on with a review code, and we couldn't tell you how Suicide Squad is shaping up because we don't have access, either.

A game can survive launch hiccups, and performance woes or server stability are common issues folks may have some grace with, but this specific bug is a bizarre issue that's funnier than actually catastrophic, though maybe less so for folks hoping to jump in today. I honestly hope that this is one of those games that ends up either surprising people or one that ends up finding its footing after a short while.

We'll see if Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League manages to end up better than the Suicide Squad movie with Jared Leto on February 2 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. Perhaps it'll also make the next Awesome Games Done Quick.

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