Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League (Credit: Rocksteady Studios)

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League developer Rocksteady has released details on the first post-launch content for the game.

As shown off in the latest Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League insider video, every season of the planned post-launch content will be centered around a different DC character.

The first season, due for launch in March, will revolve around the Joker, but not the Joker from the Arkhamverse (who has been dead since 2015’s Batman: Arkham Knight). Instead, the main villain of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, Brainiac, has pulled a version of the Joker from another reality where he was a member of his universe’s Suicide Squad.

The insider video goes further in-depth on this version of the Joker, and what to expect from him.

“He was part of the Suicide Squad in the Elseworld he’s from, which already shows he’s slightly more cooperative than the previous Joker we had. But as you get used to him and as you play as him, you realise he’s unhinged in a different way,” the Insider video explains.

“He hadn’t reached supervillain status before Brainiac invaded.”

All seasonal content from the game will be free and will include new playable characters, new boss fights, new play areas, and more. Future playable environments are teased in the announcement, with one of them seeming to be Gotham City, though whether or not it’s an entirely new environment or just a reskinned version of Metropolis is currently unknown.

What is known is that at least four post-launch seasons are planned for the game, each of which will have new content.

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