After 2 months of beta testing, Nohto is officially available to everyone! We would like to warmly thank all the people who participated in the beta, helped us find bugs and shared valuable feedback.

Being a small part-time team, we want to take the time to solidify the tool and take your feedback into account. Feel free to join us on Discord or contact us at

💎 New

  • Creators can now connect their Steam news: You can now import and connect your game news coming from Steam, just add your Steam ID and we'll do the rest.

  • Creators can now connect their RSS: If you are working on a console or mobile game, you can now link your RSS feed!

  • 50+ games added to Nohto: We've added some of the most popular games on Steam, this is just a start!

  • Highlighted and featured on Discover: The homepage is getting a fresh coat of paint, we can now tease interesting games on it. We will make sure to improve this part, in order to make smaller creators upfront.

🛠 Improvements

  • Firefox editor bug when writing: The funky sticky letters issue is now fixed.

  • Emails are no longer sent to promotion tabs.

  • Code block renders properly now.

  • Chrome desktop notifications were sending you to unidentified links, but not anymore!

  • We've improved the Steam article render: There is still some work to do there, in order to support tables and other formatting.