We're excited to announce that our latest updates are finally live! We've been working hard over the last few months to clean up and streamline our app, making it simpler and more user-friendly for you. In this article, we'll highlight some of the key changes we've made and explain how they'll benefit you.

Redesign, simpler Navigation and focused on news

After receiving feedback from our users, we realized that our app had become too complex to use and was no longer serving its main mission: delivering the best news to you. We listened to your concerns and made changes to our navigation, removing unnecessary features so that your news is front and center. This means that you can easily find the stories that matter most to you without any distractions.

More content and curated trending page

In addition to simplifying our navigation, we also consolidated our database, increasing our game and press media offerings to 300+. This means that you'll have even more options for finding the news you care about. Furthermore, without an account, our front page is now a highlight of trending news, bringing us closer to the operation of traditional media. Our short-term goal is to have the trending page fully curated by us so that you can access the best articles at the time with no hassle.

Improved readability and visibility

We've also worked hard to improve the readability of our articles. We've removed all distractions, making it easier for you to focus on the news. Additionally, we've made improvements to our referencing and visibility, so you can finally find us by typing directly into your search engine.

Reaching an important milestone

We're proud to announce that we've reached over 100 users, an important milestone for us! We're grateful for your support and feedback, which helped us make these updates possible.🖤